About Austin

Photographer: Saundra Hess

Hi! I’m Austin and I’m the writer behind Exilic Theology.

Why Exilic Theology?

I started this blog with the desire to assist Christians in all walks of life to know and love God and neighbor as we live as exiles on this world – people whose home is here now but who understand it is not our final home.

This application takes many different forms and topics but I hope pastors/theologians and laity alike can serve God, the church, and society with their knowledge, ministries and demonstration of His work in their lives.


I married Saundra in October 2019. We met in the Summer 2017 during a young adult gathering at our church. We started dating that fall and were engaged in November 2018. We enjoy going on our walks after work and cultivating our garden behind our apartment. She also helps me with the design and layout of the website and my social media!

I am a member of a Presbyterian Church in America congregation and am thankful to sit under the preaching and teaching of phenomenal pastors and leaders while also serving in various ministries.

You’ll often find me reading books, writing, or studying Greek and Hebrew (a passion that was cultivated in my by my phenomenal undergraduate professors). I also like to get out and bike far distances and enjoy pour over with Saundra!

Education & Work

I graduated from Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School (LBC | Capital) with a Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Seminary (Pastoral Ministry with an emphasis in the Biblical Languages) and Biblical Studies. I chose this degree to prepare me for pastoral ministry as well as have a solid biblical foundation. These dual degrees have enabled me to study and communicate the Scriptures with a pastoral passion.

Currently, I work for Westminster Theological Seminary as an Instructional Support Lead for their Advanced Degrees on their Learning Experience team. Additionally, I am an Adjunct Instructor with the Bible & Theology department at LBC | Capital.

I currently am pursuing a Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary. I chose this degree to have a deeper understanding of God’s Word and theology in a more advanced setting. I chose a seminary that is run by pastor-theologians to equip pastor-theologians in their ministries.

On occasion, you’ll find me at some Evangelical Theological Society meetings as a student member. In fact, I gave a presentation at one of the meetings: “‘God is … ‘ A Reformed Position and Response on the Simplicity of God.”